[sword-devel] OSIS troubles not yet resolved

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sun Nov 4 20:03:20 MST 2007

I have checked and rechecked my OSIS tagging of the New Vietnamese Bible 
(2002), for which I am currently seeking permission to distribute, by 
the way (The copyright holders are hard to find.). I believe it is a 
valid OSIS document. At the very least it matches the tagging produced 
by mod2osis.

I removed all line breaks in the xml file after the header to solve the 
problem of line breaks displaying after the verse number in BibleDesktop 
and BibleTime. The two features which cause difficulty now are headings 
and notes. I've had trouble with line breaks as well (<p></p> is 
useless), but I'm leaving them aside until I have success with headings 
and notes.

Headings display correctly in BibleTime 1.6.2 (Kubuntu 7.04), GnomeSword 
2.2.0 (Kubuntu 7.04), and BibleCS 1.5.10pre4 (Windows XP Home). Headings 
do not display at all in BibleDesktop 1.0.7 (Windows XP Home), though 
the View Source dialog shows that the tags are there in the "Original" 

Notes do not display at all in BibeCS. In BibleDesktop, BibleTime, and 
GnomeSword the notes appear in the text like this (Genesis 2:24):

    Vì thế, người nam sẽ rời cha mẹ để kết hiệp với vợ và hai người trở 
thành một thân."  Nt: một thịt

The last part, "Nt: một thịt," is a translation note. To solve this 
problem I tried using mod2osis with the ESV and the NETtext to see how 
they tagged notes, and following their format made no change even though 
recompiling those modules based on the output generated by mod2osis did 
not produce the same problems that my module has produced. Do the ESV 
and NETtext have a special dispensation in the front-end filters? Not 
being a developer, I have to think things through theologically. ;-) 

Please, if anyone can guide me in how to tag headings for BibleDeskop 
and notes for all (or any) of the Sword front-ends I would appreciate 
it. I prepared an xml file and conf file for anyone who wants to look at 
the module. It contains only Genesis. Just send me an email and I will 
send it to you directly.


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