[sword-devel] dynamic versification

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 12 13:02:19 MST 2007

Jonathon Blake wrote:

> Will the all of books listed in
> http://crosswire.org/study/bookdisplay.jsp?mod=LXXM&gbsEntry=%2FPsSol%2F18%2F1#cv
>   on the side be part of the new versification format?

The idea is that the first level of the index will be the book name, the 
second level will be the chapter, and the third level will be the verse. 
  This should allow any book name.

DJ Ortley wrote:

> If so, then could I give a suggestion that VerseKey be reworked to NOT 
> do that and to just provide pure access to whatever the module has and 
> then have a reversifier (new word:) )  object that somehow handles the 
> versification?

Switching to the General Book driver for a Bible could easily give 
access by either key mechanism: the existing tree index structure, or 
using the standard book ch:vs mechanism.

> Maybe, to avoid breaking everybody else's code, make VerseKey the 
> reversifier and create a new object to access verses in their pure 
> state, like a PureKey object or something?  There are many reasons why 
> someone would want to have access to a non-reversified bible, and I'm 
> sure I don't need to come up with examples.

We have not even talked about reversification or translations between 
versification systems.  This is a HUGE undertaking and would be 
addressed in a second generation of the implementation.  Currently, 
we're just trying to switch from a hardcoded array in canon.h to a 
dynamic index pulled from specially formatted General Book.  Does that 
make sense?

> I'm trying to stimulate conversation in this area to see what people 
> think.  I'm looking for criticisms or suggestions.  From what I 
> understand, there's no momentum and this is a fairly open problem.

Thanks for stimulating conversation.  I would like this solved, as well. 
  It always seems like there is something going on with a higher 
priority, but I hope we can tackle this soon.

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