[sword-devel] Two distribution/compatibility bugs

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Sat Mar 3 13:17:23 MST 2007

Hi Karl,
thanks for the reports.

> 1. "make dist" in a current Sword SVN tree results in a .tar.gz which
> lacks include/osisvariants.h.

Should be fixed in SVN now. Eventually you need a autogen.sh and a configure 
or usrinst.sh.

> 2. Under CygWin, src/utilfuns/swobject.cpp needs <string.h> in order
> to compile, due to the presence of the nonstandard stricmp(); CygWin
> string.h re-#defines it to the standard strcasecmp().  Or perhaps use
> swbuf.h instead, since it brings in string.h.

In utilstr.h in the namespace sword we have our own stricmp. i changed 
swobject to use that instead. Please test that if possible.

<>< Re: deemed

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