[sword-devel] locale problem

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Sun Jun 17 13:38:22 MST 2007

Hi Joachim.

Thanks for the sources.
I noticed, we actually use your StringMgr class already in MacSword  
(ported to use CoreFoundation UTF8 instead of Qt).

I need to further look at what's going on here.


Am 11.06.2007 um 22:19 schrieb Joachim Ansorg:

> Hi,
>> I'm having a problem in MacSword with locales.
>> All bible book names that have german umlauts cannot be found and I
>> get these errors:
>> <error>
>> VerseKey::Book: 1. Könige does not have a matching toupper abbrevs
>> entry! book number returned was: -1(10). Required entry should be:
>> 1. KöNIGE=11
>> </error>
> That probably means that the locale file is broken. Book names are  
> compared in
> upper case, afair.
> This shouldn't happen for German, though.
> There are other locales for languages like Chinese. Using Unicode  
> should solve
> all your troubles. To use Unicode with Sword's versekey you have to  
> do a
> StringMgr implementation and set it at the very beginning of the  
> startup
> using StringMgr::setSystemStringMgr
> I attached BibleTime's impl so you know how it could look like.
> If you set an Unicode aware impl the in- and output of VerseKey  
> will be utf8
> encoded strings.
> I'm just guessing, I havn't looked into any sources. Hopefully I'm  
> right :)
> Joachim
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