[sword-devel] Trouble Creating a Translation

Barry Fawthrop barry at ttienterprises.org
Fri Aug 24 05:17:04 MST 2007

Greetings All

I'm new to Sword development and have probably run into the problem most
have encountered.

My Setup: I use Bibletime on a Linux platform  (no windows OS here)

I have my bible text  (small portions so far)  in many formats
bible.vpl    in VPL format  (verse per line   Genesis 1:1 In....
bible.xml    in OSIS format <div type="book" osisID="Gen">
                            <chapter osisID="Gen.1">
                            <verse osisID="Gen.1.1">In.....
bible.gbf    in GBF format  <SC1><SV1>In.....

I have run vpl2mod  and generated the  ot , ot.vss , nt , nt.vss

I have run xml2gbs  and generated the .bdt .dat .idx   files

I also have the .conf file
Description=Barry's Version
About=Bible Translation By Barry

MyBible  shows up inside BibleTime but when you click on it the Text
portion is always blank
When I select a not yet captured verse  AND even when I have a captured

What am I missing??

Thanks in advance


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