[sword-devel] DCMA-Copyright-EULA

Ronald Snow rsnowgrsgraphics at embarqmail.com
Thu Aug 23 06:22:27 MST 2007

I am new to this and do not intend to express anything pertinent to the
work being done. After having read all these comments for several days I
must express my personal feelings if for no other reason than to, as the
saying goes, "Get it off my chest".

I repeat, this has no bearing on what or how your work is or should be

I keep wondering, how is it that someone can write down what another
person says and claim it is their own personal property? Did the
apostles copyright their letters which we now use as part of the N.T.?
Did Jesus copyright his sermon on the mount? If not, then how can people
claim that they have exclusive rights to this material? Or does all this
legal stuff simply boil down to whether it is printed with a certain
kind of font on a certain kind of paper and bound in a certain way with
special notes? 

Sorry, I just had to blow off some steam. Now, I'll go quietly back to
monitoring your good work.

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