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On 08/19/2007 11:42 AM, * Chris Little wrote:

> I don't understand the need for lists of other Bible software or of 

Before I changed the question on the wiki it read "How do I convert my
e-Sword files to Sword files".

I thought that rephrasing that question to a more generic one would be
more suitable.

In terms of listing specific Bible Study Software, a note is added
stating that the EULA for that software prohibits the format shifting of
the content.  (Maybe even citing the appropriate section of the EULA.)

> markup systems and file format

People have material in various file formats, and markup systems.
By listing them, a simple paragraph can either point to the appropriate
tool to use, to import it into The Sword Project, or describe how to
convert the material to a format that can be imported.

> like CROSS and PDF that have absolutely no relation to Sword and never 

People do ask about CROSS, PDF, and other formats, if they know that
they can create their own resources for a Bible Study Program.  (Every
Bible Study Program list archives I've read, has contained questions
about converting file formats, and markup languages.

To me, it is much easier to at least list the various file formats, and
markup languages from the onset, than add them later.

For each markup language, I'll either add a pointer to instructions on
converting it to The Sword Project, or write instructions there.

The file formats will be treated the same way as the Bible Study Programs.

> will. Some of the language (in particular the notes on immorality) is a 
> bit preachy. And the whole thing seems very redundant--though admittedly 

Yes it is preachy.  Too preachy?  Maybe.   I was/am undecided about
emphasizing the legality, or the morality of copying the material.

I will be fleshing it out.  (I'm still trying to get my Windows system
to boot up to the point that I can retrieve my notes.)

> lot of the utilities listed either a) don't exist or b) aren't utility 
> programs.

I'll grant that not all they may be relevant. All of them exist.  The
functionality, and hence utility is, for some at least, questionable.
Some of them (probably the vast majority) have no documentation ---
usable or otherwise.

For the ones that are used to create Sword Project Resources, I'll
create a page on the wiki that will describe using the program.

> appropriate Copyright circulars or FAQ entries at copyright.gov.

OK.  Also need to link to the relevant court decisions.

> the future, in its current state, we should not be directing users to 
> the file formats page.



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