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Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Aug 19 03:42:52 MST 2007

I don't understand the need for lists of other Bible software or of 
markup systems and file format that we don't use--particularly things 
like CROSS and PDF that have absolutely no relation to Sword and never 
will. Some of the language (in particular the notes on immorality) is a 
bit preachy. And the whole thing seems very redundant--though admittedly 
you may have plans to flesh things out that I don't know about. And a 
lot of the utilities listed either a) don't exist or b) aren't utility 

Regarding the copyright page, we should stay away from offering legal 
advice. In most cases, it might be best simply to link to the 
appropriate Copyright circulars or FAQ entries at copyright.gov.

I pulled the link from the FAQ because, however much it may improve in 
the future, in its current state, we should not be directing users to 
the file formats page.


jonathon wrote:
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> All:
> I just added two pages to the wiki:
> * File Formats;
> * Copyright;
> I will work on them over the weekend, but if you want to look them
> over/do a rewrite, go ahead.
> I also rephrased one of the questions in the FAQ on the Wiki.
> to wit, I changed "2.1.6 How do I convert modules from e-Sword to Sword
> modules?" to "2.1.6 How do I convert modules from My Bible Study Program
> to Sword modules?"
> Then added a link from that question, to the page "File Formats".
> Eventually I will write a paragraph about each of the utility programs
> that are listed on that page.  For the ones that are a part of The Sword
> Project, I'll link to a page that describes them in more depth.
> Assuming, of course, that nobody objects to either what I've done, or
> what I propose to do.
> xan
> jonathon
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