[sword-devel] Picture Bible proposal

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 11:32:31 MST 2007

One of the things I would like to see is picture indexing. That is, for 
a map, a point (x,y) or a region (x1,y1,x2,y2) could be associated with 
a label. This could be done with a variation of Troy's Papyrus tagger. 
These labeled locations could be stored in an adjunct module type as 
tuples (imageFilePath, image dimensions, Label, coordinates). Any module 
having images could be augmented with this adjunct.

Then one could use the adjunct module as a Dictionary to do lookups. The 
coordinates could be used to overlay an outline for regions or an arrow 
(or X) for points.

peter wrote:
> I have started to work on - and wonder what others think of - a Genbook
> module incorporating a good collection of Public Domain or freely
> licensed pictures of Biblical places, archeology, etc.
> I will put my collection as it grows into
> www.crosswire.org/~refdoc/ImageGenbook/images
> and will also soon start trying to put them into some sensible genbook
> format.
> I am more than happy to accept help + advice as such a module could
> obviously a) be sizable and b) be a nightmare to organise.
> I will restrict myself in this moment to Wikipedia/Wikimedia as this
> makes the licensing info relatively easy to organise. I will also
> restrict myself to either actual photos or serious reconstructions, but
> not use artistic impressions or other art. I would think there is ample
> scope for makiing an Biblical Art Genbook, but I do not think this will
> be what I will do.
> Peter

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