[sword-devel] GEN Book spec question

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 10:30:37 MST 2007

Hi ZJ,

I don't have a full understanding, but I will fill in the answers that
I do know.

On 8/14/07, ZJ Li <lzj369 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, all
> I am creating a WYSIWYG editor for Gen book.  It will be in EPL or GPL
> licence.
> Now the editor works fine. I would like to convert the source into Sword Gen
> book format(of course, it is java code).  However, I check the maillist and
> website, could not find the spec.
> Things I understand so far:
> 1. we can use THML / OSIS as input  , xml2gbs will be the tool
> 2. a data file(bdt), an index file(idx) and another file (dat)make a
> complete module
> 3. xml2gbs check divn tags recursively to create the module by puting $$$
> in.

Does the xml2mod only generate Bible/Commentary modules?  I would
think that the xml2mod tool should be used for importing an OSIS/ThML
book, and if it doesn't yet support that, it should be expanded to do

> 4. I have converted the xml2gbs (only THML part) to java code.  then I
> realized I am missing something. The c++ code only checks for DIVN, how
> about other popular tags? like H1-H5, P etc. Do we index them at all?

The DivN just tell the tool where to create the indecies and where
they should point.  The other tags are retained in the data and are
rendered according to the output filter that the front-end (BibleTime,
Bible Desktop, Gnomesword, Bible CS, diatheke, etc) chooses - for HTML
filters they will be passed through to the output, for the RTF filter
they will be rendered in some appropriate RTF code and for the plain
text filter, they will be stripped out.  But that all happens at
display time - they are maintained in the format specified by the
input file until that time.

Additionally, you might want to check and see if the Bible Desktop
people (which is the affiliated project to render the Sword C library
into Java) have done anything with converting the tools over.  I don't
follow their project, but it might be worth at least seeing if they
have done any work towards that end and if so, leverage their efforts.

Happy coding!

> questions:
> 1. Can any one provide any info on the gen book data format after import
> into the system. Namely the DBT file spec.
> 2. what is the use of the third file : dat file.  Which piece of code
> generates the file?
> 3. Can anyone give an explanation on the top level design of gen book. like
> the algorithm to generate the index(Much appriciated!) and the algorithm to
> load the index and the data(DM has done coding this part, so you can ignore
> if you do noe have time).
> Thanks!
> ZJ
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