[sword-devel] When will 1.5.9 be released?

Jason Brooks jbrooks at kinex.net
Mon Sep 18 11:58:04 MST 2006

Out of curiosity, I seem to recall that the ESV was pending release until
we had a certified display of the text.  Does 1.5.9 fit the bill, or is
there more waiting?


<quote who="Troy A. Griffitts">
> Joachim,
> 	1.5.9 RC has been in testing for about 2 weeks now with no reported
> errors.  I'm hoping for 2 things:
> 	Good reports regarding the bindings from the Daggar team and Matt Reimer.
> 	New locales submitted-- specifically, I'd like to give Adrian a chance
> to get his Thai locale working, with the help of the new locale helper
> tool we've posted.
> 	These are the 2 main things I'm hoping to receive before we officially
> release.  I'd be happy to put 1.5.9RC on the public site before then.
> If you need 1.5.9 official before the BT release and need to release
> now, we can give everyone 2 more days to report and then release with
> what we have.  Actually, that doesn't sound bad.  How about we do this?
> 	-Troy.
> Joachim Ansorg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering when 1.5.9 will be released? We want to release BibleTime
>> 1.6
>> and I'm evalutating if we need a release for 1.5.8 or not.
>> Thanks,
>> Joachim
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