[sword-devel] new BibleCS for testing

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Mon Sep 4 23:42:48 MST 2006

Thanks for providing these.

Some observations with 1.5.9 pre1 and ESV dated Aug 10, 2006 on a computer 
with WinXP-SP2.
(mostly "nits")

* Seems like too much "white space" at the top.  With Gen 1, there is the 
Chapter 1 on a line by itself, and then five blank lines. There are three 
lines before the paragraph heading, "The Six Days of Creation.". For a 
person having a monitor with 800x600 resolution, they aren't going to see 
many verses.

* In the "Preferences" + "Display" , there is the option for "Start Each 
Verse On New Line" to control whether there is "paragraph grouping." In the 
chapters that are largely poetic (like the Psalms and Song of Solomon), 
there is so much white-space that you don't see many verses. Could there be 
an option to show or not show poetic line breaks?

* The paragraph header for 1st Kings 20:30-31 isn't quite right. According 
to the hardcopy ESV, the order should be:
30a: And the rest ...
Ben-hadad Released
30b: Ben-hadad also fled and entered ...
31: And his servants  ...

* There is a cross-reference in the chapter sub-heading for Ps 34:
Of David, when he <1 Sam 21:13> changed ...

* Song of Solomon 1. The "She" speaker-id is cutting off the top of 
verse-number 2, which is on a line by itself. Same thing happens with SS 1:8 
and others.

* KJV-2006 (files dated Aug 10, 2006), Gen 1 (and many others ... if not 
all) have repeated chapter number at the top. The first actual verse doesn't 
show up until the 9th or 10th line.

* WEB (files dated Mar 29, 2005) Gen 1 (and many others ... if not all) have 
repeated book names and chapter, and lots of spacing.


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> I've posted a new build of BibleCS, incorporating the new version of
> ICU. There are, I realize, some bugs in some of the transliterators,
> which I will try to hunt down and fix, but they only crop up if you try
> to do some less useful transliterations. You will need both of these
> files; unzip them both to the same directory:

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