[sword-devel] STEP specification document??

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 3 21:47:20 MST 2006

    We used to host the specification on our website after we couldn't 
find it anywhere online.  I went to find the link for you and discovered 
that we had lost our step data somewhere along the line, as well.  I 
went to hunt it down for you and found a copy of the step section, but 
without the images.  I'm sorry about this.  You should still be able to 
download the spec.


I went to review the U3 site.  It looks like interesting technology.  
Actually, we have a free and open 'run from CD' package that works with 
all of our Bibles, commentaries, and other data, and binaries for 
Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.  It wouldn't require U3, as you could merely 
install it to any USB stick.  We don't require anything to be installed 
on a computer to run.  We're finalizing the internationalization of a 
new release right now, also, which includes the interface translated 
into a number of different languages, and has many new features.  You 
can download our current Windows software at:


all of our software (Mac, Linux, PDA, etc.)  is available at:


Our new Windows release should be available later this week.

All of our software is open and you are welcome to modify for your 
uses.  We have .NET bindings which you can use to write your own GUI if 
you still desire to do so.  Using our engine's .NET bindings will allow 
your application to access all data we have available.

Hope information is useful.

    Our Lord's blessings in your ministry for Him,

       -Troy A. Griffitts

lwh wrote:
> Gentlemen and/or Ladies,
> I found your email addresses on Crosswire.
> Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the "STEP specification 
> document"?
> I would like to develop a portable STEP reader/writer in VB.NET that 
> will work in the U3 environment (U3.com) under Windows to give away to 
> Bible students...
> ===================
> Larry Hawkes
> lwhawkes at yahoo.com
> ===================

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