[sword-devel] The ultimate word on the "PorAA" module Portuguese Bible

Jónatas Ferreira jonatas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 15:59:20 MST 2006

Hi Chris,

I thought you would come to that conclusion. But now we have another  
problem to solve: we have no portuguese bible available. What is  
Crosswire going to do about it? I'm trying to get permission from  
Portuguese Bible Society to distribute Almeida Revista e Corrigida  
(ARC). Shouldn't someone from the Crosswire contact them too? I can  
give you the contacts if needed.

I'm not trying to put a burden upon you, please don't take it that  
way. I'm just trying to help. I think sometimes my words are  
misinterpreted (maybe because english is not my primary language).

Yours in the service of the Master,
Jónatas Ferreira

Em 2006/06/13, às 20:25, Chris Little escreveu:

> I finally got to check some print Portuguese public domain Bibles and
> they do not resemble the PorAA module at all. At a minimum, that means
> the title and date are probably wrong. Since it is also possible that
> the module represents a copyrighted work, as Mr. Dutra has suggested,
> the module has been removed from the servers and is no longer  
> available.
> --Chris

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