[sword-devel] Developers near Ukraine and Moscow, can we meet to help each other?

J H Stovall pythondrs at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 23:08:06 MST 2006

Dear Developers of the Blessed Crosswire,
  I am a professor of linguistics and other subjects including Greek.
  I have something to contribute but I am rusty on C++.  Maybe we can
  contribute more if we work together to briefly share.  What is hard for me
  is easy for some of you.  What may be difficult for you may be what has
  made easy for me to have done for decades.  I am writing because I want 
  to get together with anyone whereby a mutually beneficial relationship
  can be developed.
  I am in the Ukraine now and plan to ride the train to Moscow soon.
  Later I will be father South into Asia then back here and then in America
  during September and October.
  If you would like to meet to so we can help each other please reply
  off the list to pythondrs at yahoo.com
  Thanks and may God bless you,
  DrS a python software team leader

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