[sword-devel] SWORDWeb i18n

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Jun 8 20:18:43 MST 2006


> I have a translation for the zh locale already and
> used at ccim.org. I'd like to put that into crosswire
> repository and others can used it and improve it, of
> course also makes it easier for me to manage it.
> I have attached that file here. Please feel free to
> post it or make it as the base for zh version
> translation site.

	I've added your contributed locale as the first official locale in SVN! 
  Thank you!  It can be seen from:


> The bible install on ccim still has problem keeping up
> with the connection problem with corba. You mentioned
> a improvement on this problem before, Is this already
> done so I can update it or it is still been worked on.

	Yes, we've done some things.  We have 2 security limits which we have 

1) a maximum number of sessions from a single IP addresss;
2) a maximum number of hits per second from the same session.

	These will hopefully protect against webcrawlers opening thousands of 
sessions, and also people attempting to scrape the data for an entire 
Bibles from your site.  This will hopefully limit the number of 
processes spawned by swordweb.  The root of the problem you are probably 
running up against is that the user account running tomcat probably has 
a security setting which places a quota on the maximum number of 
processes it can run simultaneously.  Currently there is 1 orb spawned 
as a process to handle each web session.

	The next step we should take is to close inactive orb servers after a 
short timeout of inactivity-- like 10 seconds.  This will greatly limit 
the number of processes running concurrently and should not noticeably 
change the user experience.

	So, to sum up.  We've made 2 good improvements which you might benefit 
from already.  I'll try to get to this last improvement sometime this week.

	There have been some fairly significant changes in SVN over the past 3 
weeks, so you might need to upgrade things like clucene if you update 
your site.

> If there is anything I can get involved please let me
> know. I really like to take advantage of the sword/web
> to serve our readers. I have forgot C/C++ almost
> completely, but my daily work is on java and live on
> it.

	Well, we have one pressing need on swordweb which you might be able to 
help with.  It's listed on the new wiki at:


	If you feel like helping out, we could definitely use it!

	Again, thanks for the i18n!  Very cool!


  I also played Joe's DWR and developed couple of
> small monitor tools to simplify my work
> responsibility. Because of the connection problem, we
> have been keeping both our old CGI based search tool
> and swordweb running.
> The other thing I feel sorry is that my friend Diana
> who'd like to work on the flashcard seems not able to
> commit much on it since she had a baby to take care
> and also volunteer in a local community organization. 
> Yiguang

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