[sword-devel] JSword and development progress

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Sun Aug 27 05:28:30 MST 2006

Hi list.

I'm planing to develop a new Bible Study tool, Java based to be  
almost platformindependant so that a lot of peaple can be reached.
Why another frontend? Well I do bible study myself and tried some  
programs like MacSword, Bible Desktop and Accordance. Had a look at  
Bibletime, too.
Although I use Accordance currently I want something that merges the  
best things of all products and hopefully improve them where they  
have to be improved. And this something should be freeware or open  
SWORD seemed to be the best solution to have a wide range of bible  
texts, dictionaries and commentaries available.

While using Java I want to use the JSword library for the backend. My  
question now:
What is the development progress on JSword. Has it all functions the  
SWORD (C++) library has? Does it get updated immidiately when SWORD  
itself is updated? Is the future development guaranteed (Well, I know  
there are no guarantees but what is the forecast here)?

Best regards,


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