[sword-devel] [OT] Looking for Quechua bible

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Sat Aug 26 09:12:07 MST 2006

fredex wrote:
> I apologize up front for the OT posting....
> I have a friend who is a native Quechua speaker (Incan indian from Peru)
> and she would very much like to have a Quechua bible, a real paper bible.
> I believe Wycliffe has done such a translation, but have been unable to
> find anyone who can provide an actual paper copy of it.
> Can any of you offer any advice/direction?

Hi fredex!

Hmmm... Wycliffe/SIL's website is indeed very aggrivating to navigate. 
Here's what I could find and the path I took to get there (in case my 
path inspires other search paths for you).  Note that Wycliffe and SIL 
are closely related organizations sharing... uh... everything.  SIL is 
the education/research arm, and Wycliffe is the missionary organization.

You might want to start with their ethnologue and identify which 
dialect/language group your friend speaks.  See here:


It lists publications, but I don't see any bibles.  Apparently these are 
just SIL publications (that they sell or have available).

Wycliffe's FAQ on their website 
(http://www.wycliffe.org/wbt-usa/Bibles.htm)  give some info about how 
to find scriptures in a language, but it appears that the scripture 
resources thing is out of date.  What's notable is that they said that 
they don't sell bibles, but work with bible societies and publishers in 
the region where sold.  So, you need to find the bible society 
(publisher) who publishes the translation you need.

Googling, I found Luke here:


Info here:

which lead to:

With contact info for the Peruvian Bible Society:

info at casadelabiblia.org

Anyway, long story short, I suggest:

* Checking the Peruvian Bible Society website
   (It looks like there's a link to an online bible
    under ENLACES -> La Biblia Web)
* Contacting them if you can't find what you need
* If they can't help, then contact Wycliffe with
   the language group code.  They may direct you to
   a different bible society who publishes for that

Hope this helps!


p.s. I notified Wycliffe about the problem with their FAQ.

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