[sword-devel] BibleCS rcF2 and TRANSLATORS

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 21 19:30:41 MST 2006

Hey guys.  I was hoping for us to release rcF1 as it only had very small 
changes from the bugs you reported, but we've added a new feature to 
help the NET Bible guys out a bit.  I was trying to think of anything 
quick we could do for their large note issue.  The best I could do 
without changing much code was to add a "Popout Note" menu choice.  It 
is available when you click on a note in the text.

Besides this, we've only done very minor bug fixes for module markup.  
If all goes well, my hope is for us to get an installer out by week's end.


If anyone is willing to update a uilocales.d/ translation file for the 
new features, or submit any new languages, please post your intentions 
here.  We can help you get started if you need assistance.  All current 
uilocales.d which are in SVN will be shipped with this release.  If you 
had emailed me an update and you don't see it in SVN, please let me 
know, and my apologies, up front, as I'm sure this is quite possible-- 
with good intentions, I probably still have your email buried in a todo 
list somewhere.


As always, thank you for all the hours of work and testing you all have 
put in.


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