[sword-devel] r5 and ESV files dated Aug 10, 2006: Phrase search anomalies?

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Sat Aug 19 09:01:44 MST 2006

> Lynn,
>> * ESV search .... finds "Jesus" in 2 Sam 1:1, Jonah 1:1, and 
>> Malachi
>> 1:1. I think these are "hits" from the notes (opening of chapter)
>> rather than the actual Bible text. Is this intended?
Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Yes, this is intended.  SWORD full text search (non-clucene) will
> search based on whatever options you have turned on.  If you repeat
> the search with notes off you shouldn't get those hits.  BibleCS
> doesn't offer options in the search dialog like it probably should
> (e.g., [x] include note text ), instead, it bases the search on the
> options set for the viewed module.

BibleCS sword.exe rc5 and ESV with files dated Aug 10, 2006
Looking at Psalm 23

Other related ESV anomolies related to having cross-references turned 

There is a cross reference in Psalm 23:2 between "green" and 

With "Phrase" searching and cross-references off, then there is a 
match for "green pastures".
With "Phrase" searching and cross-references on, then there is not 
match for "green pastures".

Cross-references off: 1 match for "paths of righteousness"
0 matches for "paths of righteousness for"  (which spans a poetic line 

CR and FootNotes off: 1 match for "Surely goodness and mercy" in Ps 
CR off: 1 match for "He restores my soul" in Ps 23:3

Footnotes On: 0 matches for "Surely goodness and mercy"
CR off: 0 matches for "He restores my soul"

Similar anomolies with KJV:
KJV with Strong's numbering turned on:
0 matches for "green pastures"

KJV with lemma On:
0 matches for "lie down in green"

Perhaps this is intended, but seems other than expected. Seems like 
phrase searching needs to be done with lemma, morphology, foot-notes 
and cross-references removed.

Odd: I closed the Search window, clicked on the "Cross Reference" 
button, and the TextViewer jumped to 1st Thess 4, even though Ps 23 is 
still showing in the "Navigation" widgets.

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