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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 16 23:38:54 MST 2006

Hi DM .............

DM Smith wrote:
> If we were ever to get The Message Bible (which I'd love) I think that we'd want the verses to be stored and searchable individually but have the 
> verse numbers optionally displayed. With JB Phillips, I think it is similar in that it is a display issue that some verse numbers not display.
There never was a published Phillips edition with all the verse 
numbers.  This was quite deliberate on Phillips' part as he wanted his 
numbering to reflect the sense of the passage.  Quite deliberately he 
divided the text at logical points and this allowed him to be far more 
free in his use of English.  He felt quite strongly that the artificial 
verse divisions that were appropriate for the KJV did in fact become 
quite restrictive when making a completely new translation.  As the 
Greek does not have divisions of any sort, he used blocks of verses to 
give him the translational freedom he needed.  I applaud that.  However, 
getting the missing verse numbers into the text would be difficult: but 
it would also be doing violence to the translator's intentions.  I think 
for Phillips, we would have to stick with what is written!

God bless,

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