[sword-devel] Tradução Brasileira status

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 14 03:48:07 MST 2006

Em Dom, 2006-08-13 às 22:56 -0500, David Cary escreveu:

> I've been told that there are some really nice scanners available now.

	Yes, they are, only that besides the Plustek they tend to cost at least

> I am very impressed by the
>     Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders
>     http://pgdp.net/
> organization.
> Their FAQ has some scanner recommendations.

	Unfortunately, they are geared towards destroying the books and using
flatbed scanners.

> There are some more suggestions at
> http://www.ericmackonline.com/ica/blogs/emonline.nsf/dx/how-hard-is-it-to-digitalize-a-book
> http://www.ericmackonline.com/ica/blogs/emonline.nsf/dx/how-to-convert-a-book-to-pdftext

	Interesting, but this guy ends up using the Plustek again.

> Many modern book "scanners" photograph the left and right pages using
> commercial off-the-shelf digital cameras -- rather than "scanning" the
> page with a light bar.

	Yes, it seems this will end up what I will do if I really can’t get the
Plustek and a MS Windows workstation (or SANE drivers for it.)

> If you can't find an institution that has an adequate book scanner,
> and you don't want to buy a new one, perhaps you could build something
> like the "BookDrive"
> http://redjar.org/jared/blog/archives/category/preservation/
> http://atiz.com/
> -- it is a frame to hold a digital camera, to hold some lights, and to
> hold a book.

	Interesting indeed, but the cost of the cameras alone would be far
greater than that of the Plustek.  It does seems it could be more
productive, since it requires only that one turns the page.

	It would be interesting to check their software, and see how it stacks
up to the Plustek on dealing with page curvatures &c.

> Perhaps you could donate the frame to some library after you are done.
> Perhaps someone at that library would help build such a device, and
> help scan your Book.

	This sounds a really interesting idea.

	Based on cost and time considerations, my current idea is to, in order
of preference is to either:

1. Try to find a ‘real’ book scanner at some library, museum or archive;
2. Try to get a Plustek OpticBook and MS Windows workstation; or
3. Build my own system (or get an Atiz, if someone else funds it).

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