[sword-devel] Tradução Brasileira status

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 11 17:02:19 MST 2006

Just to give everyone a quick status, since people have been writing me
in private.

	I have now a copy of Tradução Brasileira.  It is a very nice copy from
1949, but I haven’t been able to find a book scanner yet.  I am not
prepared to destroy it, since it cost me somewhat and is a rarity
nowadays; only if I could find an equivalent copy I would consider
unbinding it.

	I discovered book scanners are hard to come by.  There is a relatively
cheap Plustek model around, but it is MS Windows-only and not available
in Brazil.  Direct importation is usually quite expensive, tiresome,
risky and just takes too long; the best option would be to find someone
travelling from somewhere else to Brazil.

	There are the professional models, but I will have to search for some
institution owning one of them.  I will try museums, libraries and
archives, but haven’t been able since I’m also looking for a new
apartment to rent.

	My plans are to later scan it using Clara, and put it for proofreading
at PGDP-EU.  For markup, I am considering OSIS, but I found it very
wordy with its ‘milestoneable’ verse markup.  Next I will evaluate SIL’s
markup, if it is more succint I might use it.  Or ThML, or whatever; I
just want to preserve paragraphs.  Also I intend to produce a PDF
version, since lots of people relish its ‘real’ book, antiquarian

	On other fronts, SBB has ceased answering my explanations of why they
should make a module with us.  Seems they are enamoured with a market
vision, so that they don’t want parallel efforts to cannibalise their
Logos line of etexts.

	IBB is about to deliver the NT of its new Revisada, now to be named
Almeida Século XXI.  I hope once they have published the XXI, they will
either collaborate on the XXI, or at least leave us use the Revisada.
But I have yet to follow up with them.

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