[sword-devel] Sword Web inconsistencies

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 07:10:33 MST 2006

Hi all,
I am seeing inconsistent behavior for "Show Strong's" in SwordWeb  
built out of SVN using the latest beta of the KJV for Psalm 3.

You can see my build at: http://www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/swordweb/ 

I was checking to see with the latest changes to "headings" whether  
strong numbers work with in Psalm titles and they do!

But strong's numbers only are shown in <...> for the  first two  
verses. Clicking on any of them puts the definition between verses 1  
and 2. The browser (safari, if it matters) blinks annoyingly, and  
sometimes a popup with the definition appears momentarily, sometimes  
permanently, sometimes in the upper left, sometimes near the mouse,  
and with the text being momentarily highlighted, sometimes  
permanently. This is true for strong's links in verse 2. I would have  
expected them to show up after the second verse.

The rest of the page does not show any strong's links, but if you  
click on text (that's not marked as <transChange>) the text is  
highlighted and a popup with the definition appears, positioned  

Morphology is totally broken. It also does not make sense to show  
morphology codes for the OT unless they reference a morphology work  
that is installed.

I'm guessing that much of this is experimenting with new behavior.  
And I don't have a problem with that. So assuming that I have some  

I like a blend of the behaviors.
I like having an embedded definition as it does not obscure the text  
with a popup. I would expect it to follow the verse in which I  
clicked a word.

I also like the clean lines of not showing <H3068> between the words  
and letting the user click anywhere. But I am not sure how having  
both Strong's and Morphology enabled would work. Would the  
definitions of both be shown? If this method is used I'd suggest  
changing the "Show Strong's" to "Enable Strong's" or something like  
that, since it is not showing codes. (BTW, it should be Strong's not  

In His Service,

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