[sword-devel] New Stuff for Testing

J H Stovall pythondrs at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 01:02:53 MST 2006

I am running WinXP 64 bit.  I put the
new F1 release of BibleCS in Program Files (x86)
and put there also the Byz from 2005 in the
new directory. This has setup.exe & unzip32.exe
and _???.exe.  I got an error msg from setup.exe
that unzip32.exe would not run because of 
incompatible machine.  I changed properties
on all three to "campatability" Windows XP
and still get the same thing.

I loaded the sword.exe from BibleCS??rc3F1 to
overwrite the old sword.exe from BibleCS??rc3.
It ran the same way.  I cannot get more than
one window of Bibletext showing at a time.
Clicking on the second window does not show 
any modules although the first window has 
ByzwStrongs, KJVwStrongs, & RusZwStrongs.  Clicking on
tab brings up the right module with Strongs
at the same chapter and search numbers.

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