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Sun Sep 25 20:45:32 MST 2005

I think these things help at least with the thoughts relating to the BDB 


On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Dickinson Smith wrote:

> <note disclaimer="IANAL">
> Not really. The copyright laws changed duration from
> something like 17 years to something like 75 years.
> When this happened there was a lot of material that
> was older than 17 years but less than 75 (or whatever
> the durations actually were). If an individual or
> group had legally obtained them, they became a
> "reliance party". People who had legally obtained
> these texts could keep them for their personal use.
> People/groups who legally distributed them could
> continue to legally distribute them if the owner did
> not challenge their distribution. When given a notice
> of intent to enforce copyright laws, those that
> distributed them had to stop. So the distributor
> cannot continue to distribute what they used to have
> the legal right to distribute.
> </note>
>> From a technical perspective, it is possible at times
> to go to the "wayback machine" and get old files.
> Often zips are corrupt as is in the case of the
> original naves.zip, which is distributed on crosswire.
> BDB, the files in question, is not present on the
> wayback at all, but links to it are.
>> From a ethical perspective, the burden is now upon the
> individual to be honest before God and not violate
> copyright laws by downloading from there.
> --- list-sword at store.infochi.com wrote:
>> Is it possible then, to have access to the previous
>> unlocked version of
>> this module that was available before it was
>> removed?
>> Dan
>> On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, DM Smith wrote:
>>> It was available as a download until the end of
>> 2002. It was then locked,
>>> probably due to copyright. Subsequently all locked
>> modules have been remove.
>>> (You can get this information by doing some
>> digging at
>>> http://web.archive.org)
>>> According to my hard copy, the 1980, seventh
>> printing, has corrections. This
>>> is noted in the preface by G.R. Driver dated
>> November 1951. That puts it as
>>> currently under copyright.
>>> Slavo wrote:
>>>> What have happened to BDB module?
>>>> Slavo
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