[sword-devel] BDB?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 25 12:23:32 MST 2005

We were told that the BDB & Thayer modules we had were derived from OLB 
content and that they had added content beyond the plain BDB/Thayer 
text. It's not an issue of the basic BDB/Thayer content being under 
copyright. Those are very old and very public domain. It's the 
additional material. And the reason we couldn't just remove the content 
OLB added is that we are not able to discern what was added and what was 
original to the document (other than that we do know all of the 
TWOT/TDNT & word count info was added by OLB).

If redoing the BDB & Thayer lexicons is a real desire, we could look 
into redoing those from scratch, much like we did with the KJV, but it 
may be better to get help from CCEL (or refer the whole project to them 
for administration/maintenance).


Slavo wrote:
> What have happened to BDB module?
> Slavo
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