[sword-devel] Re: sword-devel Digest, Vol 18, Issue 20 ( BibleCS Installer )

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Sun Sep 25 12:36:42 MST 2005

Subject: Re: [sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

I expect that all the "real" bugs from 1.5.6 have been fixed in the 1.5.8  
engine.  At this point I do not have the time to get Eclipse and build the  
latest BibleCS and install it over 1.5.6.  I just wish to download  and install 
BibleCS 1.5.8 as I did 1.5.6. When will this be available for  the "common man" 
? Except for the search speeds,  I expect it to be a  pretty cool version!
If there is an easy way to do this w/o compiling, somebody please let me  
know.  Also when will we be able to tackle the search issues.  Lynn  are you on 
In His Grace,

> Lynn,
> I've not looked at the installer since I sent the  email.  I would
> for your help on this.  I only used  the eclipse wizard to get me
> started.  They also supply a  highlighting code editor and popup hint
> help for NSIS  functions.
> Thanks for your input!
>  -Troy.

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