[sword-devel] updated WEB and HNV bible modules?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Sep 8 22:24:51 MST 2005

Hi Ryan,

I think most of us are pretty busy right now. For my part, I've been 
very busy with school, and just started a new semester, so I haven't had 
much time to work on modules.

There are two issues that need to be handled with regard to putting out 
updated WEB/HNV modules. The first is that the modules need to be in 
(compliant) OSIS format. The second is that the OSIS document needs to 
be converted by a script from the GBF originals in a way that can be 
repeated as new versions of the text are released.

Failing to meet the first requirement doesn't move the project in the 
direction we're moving (and doesn't help to move modules towards the 
standard we're concentrating our support on). And failure to meet the 
second requirement means we can't easily update the text in the future, 
which is something we would like to be able to do.

If you have a script to do the GBF to OSIS conversion that we need, 
please share it and we can get an updated copy posted quickly. Failing 
that, I'll try to get started on a new script this weekend if I can find 
some time, as I can't find the old version I was working on.


Ryan V wrote:
> Well, its been a week since i first emailed this and I still haven't
> gotten a response. So I'll ask again.
> Last year, around June I think, I offered to provide updated WEB and
> HNV modules. During my conversations I was told that an update would
> be made available within a few months. Its been over a year now and I
> have yet to see any updates to these modules. Are there any plans to
> update the modules that are distributed on the Sword Project's
> website?
> Also, it would seem that there's a need for someone to work on
> updating the texts as needed. What can I do to help out in this area?
> I'm seriously considering setting up my own website to put updated
> modules on. If there's updates planned in the near future then I will
> postpone this. But if no updates are going to be released then I'll
> make my own website to put updated modules on since I know many people
> that want updates to these modules.
> Ryan
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