[sword-devel] updated WEB and HNV bible modules?

Ryan V adyeths at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:31:04 MST 2005

Well, its been a week since i first emailed this and I still haven't
gotten a response. So I'll ask again.

Last year, around June I think, I offered to provide updated WEB and
HNV modules. During my conversations I was told that an update would
be made available within a few months. Its been over a year now and I
have yet to see any updates to these modules. Are there any plans to
update the modules that are distributed on the Sword Project's

Also, it would seem that there's a need for someone to work on
updating the texts as needed. What can I do to help out in this area?

I'm seriously considering setting up my own website to put updated
modules on. If there's updates planned in the near future then I will
postpone this. But if no updates are going to be released then I'll
make my own website to put updated modules on since I know many people
that want updates to these modules.


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