[sword-devel] Catholic canon in SWORD 1.5.8

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Tue May 31 06:51:55 MST 2005

Hi Ramon ..........

Ramon Martinez wrote:

>  Is there any effort to put the catholic canon in sword 1.5.8? i have
>found some very old messages in the list on this subject but seems that
>it has been forgotten in the past.   as long as i have seen, The only change is in file canon.h isnt it?
No it's a lot more involved than that.  But it is now very high on the 
priority list fot the next major release, so if you wait a while, it 
will appear.  It's a very important change, and it will allow far more 
than just the Roman Canon and Deuterocanon - it will allow a flexible 
versification that can support all the many variations that exist.  We 
are all looking forward to it.

God bless,


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