[sword-devel] SWORD 1.5.8

Geoffrey W Hastings geoffreyhastings at juno.com
Mon May 30 12:11:34 MST 2005

Do you have an idea when the update for Windows will be available.
I have been asked to go to Mexico City July 1st and will teach a class of
church leaders how to use the SWORD while I am there.
It would be nice to have the latest update.
I also need to bring about 50 CDs with me. Is the CD label available to
download so I could print it on the CDs?


On Sat, 28 May 2005 22:42:31 -0700 "Troy A. Griffitts"
<scribe at crosswire.org> writes:
> The long awaited SWORD engine release 1.5.8 is finally available in 
> the 
> usual places:
>    * SWORD Engine Home
>      (http://crosswire.org/sword/software/swordapi.jsp)
>    * ChangeLog
> (http://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/source/sword/ChangeLog)
> A very special thank you to God for granting patience to everyone 
> during 
> the very long release cycle, and to all the wonderful sacrifices of 
> time 
> from everyone in contributing and testing toward this release! May 
> God 
> use it mightily for His Glory!
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