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Not, let me say a few things that might make you hopeful.  Many of  the 
bugs you have reported do not belong under the SWORD module in our  
bugtracker.  Many of the issue that you mention are either module  
issues, BibleCS (the windows frontend) issues, or user error :)   While 
SWORD 1.5.8 should be release as soon as tomorrow, BibleCS is not  
scheduled to have a release for a few weeks, and we should be able to  
get to some of your reports by then.  I, personally, would appreciate  it 
if you would move any windows specific bug reports out of the SWORD  
module and into BibleCS.  If you don't do it, one of us will have  to.

I'll do my best to determine what are "windows specific" bugs and move them  
over to BibleCS.  I honestly thought SWORD was the windows interface but I  
guess that is pretty much the kernal or API. When I get all the different  
projects figured out, perhaps I can make a graphic which will make it all look  

Please don't get me wrong, I so appreciate the  reports.  Thank you for 
all the time you've spent testing and making  us aware of where we fall 

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