[sword-devel] 1.5.8RC2

Daniel Glassey danglassey at ntlworld.com
Mon May 16 13:19:27 MST 2005

Lynn Allan wrote:
> Troy wrote:
>>PS.  I don't think we can add the VC6 project files to clutter our
>>source directories.  If you can get them to follow the same theme as
> our
>>other project files, then we can consider adding them; however,
> we're
>>really close to a final release for 1.5.8-- but I would still like
> them
>>added, even if they do not make this release. -T.
> There are currently these subdirectories:
> [sword-dir]/lib/bcppmake
> [sword-dir]/lib/vcppmake/vc6
> [sword-dir]/lib/vcppmake/vc7.1
> [sword-dir]/tests/bcppmake
> When the "dust settles", would the following be appropriate for vc6
> and/or vc7.1 projects for test source to contain .dsp
> and/or .vcproj and/or .sln project files
> [sword-dir]/tests/vcppmake/vc6 (with .dsp)
> [sword-dir]/tests/vcppmake/vc7.1 (with .vcproj + .sln)
> [sword-dir]/examples/cmdline/vcppmake/vc6
> [sword-dir]/examples/cmdline/vcppmake/vc7.1
> [sword-dir]/utilities/vcppmake/vc6
> [sword-dir]/utilities/vcppmake/vc7.1

I think that sounds wrong. I think all the project files should go
together. In fact, one project that allows you to build the tests,
examples, utilites rather than just the lib. That would be consistent
with gcc.


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