[sword-devel] 1.5.8RC2

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Sun May 15 15:13:49 MST 2005

> I think examples and tests are less important, but
> we can see about adding projects for them also.

Your call ... I found the test\*.cpp files to be very helpful to
debug-step-around in the sword-api to figure out how it works. Other
than biblecs and search.cpp, there isn't sample code to learn about
how "search" works. I think there are advantages to having "baby
steps" to get up to speed ... something less comprehensive and
complicated than diatheke.

> > (or
> > perhaps detect -help or /? and make substitutes if this would
> > off apps that use diatheke for real work?)
> I'm not clear on what you're asking here, but it sounds like you're
> basically saying diatheke should print a default verse (based on the
> code snippet). Diatheke isn't a test or a toy program, it's a
> command-line tool, which behaves in a manner consistent with other
> command-line tools that do not take input from stdin. Namely, when
> executed without arguments, it prints its own argument syntax.
> Would a couple of usage examples in the argument syntax printout
> what you are suggesting?

Yes. (The -help or  /? were for the situation you mention.) Several of
the [sword-dir]\tests files were modified in this fashion.

> I'm not sure what to do about maintaining two version of library
> files. I'll try to set aside some time in the future to fully
> investigate whether we need to maintain separate VC7.1 project files
> whether the VC6 versions would work fine. (When I was testing, the
> project files for diatheke worked fine in VC7.1 using the VC6
> project files also, so my suspicion is that we need not maintain
> projects specifically. But better testing is necessary.) If VC6
> files can't be used correctly in VC7.1, we may just drop VC6 support
> unless some good reason can be given for not doing so.

The problem will come up that code compiled with vc7.1 will be looking
for libswordvc71[d].lib and vc6 will be looking to resolve with
libswordvc6[d].lib. There isn't much maintainence to these files ...
they are fixed as long as the directory structure is stable. They
aren't impacted by files coming and going from libswordvc##.lib

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