[sword-devel] OSIS Support planned

Wolfgang Schultz crosswire at zyanid.de
Sun May 15 01:46:00 MST 2005

Hi all,

i am glad to anounce that the Theologische Inititative Freiburg has 
decided to support  OSIS-Fileformat in our  API.


At first we will provide means for working on OSIS -Bible text, but 
before we start this effort we need support from the SWORD-Project!

We need a reliable source for downloading  pur OSIS-XML bible files, so 
we ask you to put your available OSIS-files online for downloading.

in short our credo for working with  OSIS XML is:

We do not convert them in a ** 
intermediate format but our API will work directly on XML. This is state 
of the art in our thinking.

The Theologische Initiative Freiburg has no doubt that our support of 
OSIS will push the OSIS-Project and the Sword-Project also to a higher 
level of acceptance by biblesoftware developers who look ahead the future.

Very truly yours

Wolfgang Schultz
Theologische Inititative Freiburg

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