[sword-devel] new greek aides

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun May 15 01:14:54 MST 2005

	I spent some time this weekend working on a few new features for our 
web tools.

	1) I've tried to make a semi-intelligent decision where to place the 
popup box for language information.
	2) The currenly selected word will have a shaded background
	3) All words on the page from the same Greek root will be bold
	4) " same Greek root and morphology will additionally be underlined
	5) In 2002-2003 we hosted a project to map, word for word, the KJV to 
it's base Greek text, so the Textus Receptus and KJV interlinear data is 
available.  When both the KJV and TR modules are displayed, and a word 
is selected, the corresponding word or words in the other module also 
has the background shaded.

Here is a link to show the interlinear and other features.  If you have 
time, let me know what you think.


clicking on the 5th to last Greek word, αποληται, will show you the 
detail of word granularity between the 2 modules.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  Is there anything I should get you 
before we meet again in a few weeks, or any material I might read to 
prepare for our summer?

	Thanks again for your collaboration!


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