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Suriyaprakash suriakash at
Thu May 12 08:56:09 MST 2005

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> Chris or David, when sword.chm runs from Install Manager Help/Contents it
> loads the same as if it were ran from BibleCS. I assume the command line
> something like:
> hh.exe help\sword.chm
> If you change that to
> hh.exe help\sword.chm::modulesh.html#instmg
> it should load open to the Install Manager section.
> Jerry

Dear Sir,

    Above message is very useful also for us to fix our problem. We have one more problem ie., when give command like this only the content is selected correctly but the treeview in left sife doesn't get expanded correctly. Could you please refer and give solution for this problem.

Thanks & Regards,
R. Suriyaprakash
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