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Barry Drake b-drake at supanet.com
Sat May 7 02:27:12 MST 2005

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Jeremy Erickson wrote:

>Just asking, how much of GnomeSword is Gnome-specific, and how much is just GTK+?  Would it be easier to port Gnome-specific parts of GnomeSword rather than updating an old frontend?
I've just been looking at the GnomeSword source.  Porting that to 
Windows would be a really interesting project.  It would take a lot more 
knowledge of the Sword api (and of C++) than I have, but I'd love to be 
part of it if anybody wants to have a go.  It looks to me as though 
GnomeSword relies more on the GTK+ widgets than on the actual gnome 
frontend, and I think most of the functionality in the Gnome libraries 
is already contained in the GTK+ Windows port.

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