[sword-devel] GTK+

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 6 21:09:52 MST 2005

> In particular, I've now dug out the source for the old Sword 'Cheatah'
> front end.  It won't build against the latest Sword api, and my own
> knowledge of the api (and of C++) isn't enough for me to be able to fix
> it.  If anyone feels they would like to help, let me know.  It would
> make a good, and very easy entry point to Sword programming if we could
> make it work, update the text handling and be willing to maintain it.
> And it's cross platform too!

Just asking, how much of GnomeSword is Gnome-specific, and how much is just 
GTK+?  Would it be easier to port Gnome-specific parts of GnomeSword rather 
than updating an old frontend?

Also, what advantages do the Gnome libs provide GnomeSword as compared to 
something more cross-platform (or are they already cross-platform)?  How much 
Gnome integration would be lost if it were made completely cross-platform?

Just throwing out ideas.

-Jeremy Erickson

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