[sword-devel] Importing from biblegateway.com

Joel Pedraza joelpedraza at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 5 16:30:27 MST 2005

> Have you followed _any_ of the discussions on any of the e-Sword lists
> about _The Bible Import Tool_?

No I had not, thank you for brining this to my attention.

> i)  More than one Bible publisher considers that it is a tool designed
> specifically for copyright infringement.

While I dont agree (much) I can understand that from their point of

> ii) At least one online Bible website has specifically requested to be
> excluded from the list of sites that it can import Bibles from.
> It can be a useful tool, but it raises a number of thorny issues. 
> Issues that are magnified when distributed under a GNU GPL: style
> license.

I understand the needs for these publishers to "protect their copyright"
I cant help but wonder what the authors of the Scriptures would have to
say about the way we handle them. We being society, not we being the
open source and/or free software community(s).

Anyhow would converting e-sword's JET modules into SWORD Modules be a
legally feasible solution?

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