[sword-devel] Information for beginning Windows BCB 6 Developers

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue May 3 11:43:42 MST 2005

Troy wrote:
> biblecs/CBuilder6/swordprj.bpg in BCB6 and choosing Project|Build
> Projects
> This should produce a working executable.  It does for me on a CLEAN
> system.  Please let me know if you CONFIRM that it does not for you.

As of May 3, using biblecs rev 415 from svn (HEAD), there is a linker
error ...

[Linker Error] Unresolved external
'sword::SWClass::isAssignableFrom(const char *) const' referenced from

As a work-around, I included

in the project file and this seemed to let it link. I adjusted the
location of the sword.exe destination, and it is debuggable.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm not particularly familiar with svn ...

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