[sword-devel] Re: Ichthux meeting

Daniel Glassey danglassey at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 30 13:02:28 MST 2005

I haven't received the mail I sent yet, but it has made it to the list 
for some people.

I said the meeting is at
Ichthux -- Christian Linux Distro? -- Meeting 10PM GMT

However, it might be 1 hour earlier as people made the mistake that GMT 
is the same as UK time (we changed to GMT+1 on Sunday)

and the irc server for the meeting is irc.christianforums.com not .net


> I got this in an email yesterday on another list:
> "Anyone interested in creating a Linux for Bible Translation live CD?
> I could really use one in a very high profile way in 3 weeks (if it
> comes off)."
> Would there be anyone here that would be interested in getting
> involved with this project? It needs people. If you are interested
> contact me on or offlist.
> Related to that, there a few Christian Linux Live CDs that have
> started recently, based on Knoppix and things. There is an irc
> meeting on irc.christianforums.net port 7777 channel #linux tonight.
> Ichthux -- Christian Linux Distro? -- Meeting 10PM GMT
> http://ichthiux.free.fr/wikini/wakka.php?wiki=Main
> Some people are already there if you would like to pop along.
> Regards, Daniel

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