[sword-devel] Coding book introductions

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 29 03:59:06 MST 2005

Our normal rule is to just do things in the correct way, according to 
OSIS. If the importers don't work correctly, report it and we will 
(hopefully) fix the importer. Patches for osis2mod are also more than 

In this case, it is already handled correctly by the importer and the 
engine, but not handled very gracefully by the front-ends. If you put 
text before the <chapter> element for the first chapter, it will appear 
in the book introduction entry. Likewise, each chapter can have an 
introduction placed before the first <verse> element. The right way to 
encode this in OSIS would be with a <div type="introduction"> element.

The front-ends can access introductions by displaying verse 0:0 (for a 
book intro) or X:0 (for the intro to chapter X). In the windows 
front-end, these can be accessed using the spin control to go to 
chapter/verse 0.


Justus Piater wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an OSIS-encoded Bible that provides an introduction to every
> book. How do I make those accessible in a Sword module? It would be
> nice to display them at the beginning of each book, just as in a print
> version. Another viable solution would be to place them into a
> separate commentary module. How would I go about one or the other? I
> did not find any relevant instructions on the "Module Making"
> Developers' page on crosswire.
> Thanks,
> Justus

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