[sword-devel] Introducing BibleMemorizer

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 23 15:39:56 MST 2005

Hi all,
	I have created a program called BibleMemorizer which will help with Bible 
memorization.  I am writing it for my brother but also releasing it as OSS so 
others can benefit as well.  It is written in C++, using Qt for the GUI.  It 
uses native Qt classes whenever possible to ensure it will run on all 
Trolltech-supported platforms (including Windows, Mac OS X, and most forms of 
Linux/BSD/Unix).  I personally use Linux.  BibleMemorizer is under a 
GPL-compatible 2-clause BSD License. 
	GPL-compatible means that the program can be relicensed under the GPL without 
permission from me.  The BSD License does require that itself be maintained 
in both source code and documentation, but the FSF does not consider this a 
conflict with the GPL.  This means it can link with GPL'd libraries like 
Sword without me using the GPL for my own code, but in order for anyone to 
relicense the program under a non-GPL compatible license (e.g. a proprietary 
one) they must remove all code that uses the GPL'd library.  In addition, 
Trolltech's restrictions dictate they cannot relicense it under a proprietary 
license without buying a commercial Qt license (or removing Qt-based code, 
which is the bulk of it).  GPL-compatible would also mean that it could be 
included in, say, a Sword CD, and it would be valid to say "all computer 
software on this CD may be used under the GPL".  It also means the code can 
be used within a program under the GPL.  I personally prefer non-copyleft 
licenses but respect the decisions of others (like Crosswire) to copyleft.
	In a future version (as soon as I have time, basically) I plan to add 
optional support in BibleMemorizer for Sword so that people can import verses 
without having to manually type them in.  It will basically just need to 
check if a certain book and verse (or range of verses) is available within a 
certain translation in a Sword module.  Which classes will be relevant for 
this purpose?  If someone here has time to help, that would be great, 
although I understand completely if you are all too busy preparing for the 
1.5.8 release.  Qt experience would help (e.g. someone who has worked on 
BibleTime or the Qtopia frontend).
	Would it be a good idea to put a link on the Sword website, perhaps a news 
article?  I would like that, if you feel it is appropriate.  Note that 
BibleMemorizer is not a complete frontend, merely a tool for managing memory 
verses that can (or rather will be able to) make use of Sword.  With Sword 
enabled, it is intended to be used alongside a frontend rather than to 
replace one.
	BibleMemorizer's web site is http://biblememorizer.sf.net .  An 0.1 release 
is available, but I haven't yet learned how to use CVS yet so I haven't 
created a repository.  As of this writing, 0.1 is current.

In Christ,
Jeremy Erickson

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