[sword-devel] language of module descriptions

Daniel Glassey danglassey at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 18 16:41:32 MST 2005

Being an English speaker it wasn't obvious, but all the works (also 
known as modules) descriptions are in English. Surely the descriptions 
should be in the language of the people who will use the works?

Here's what I suggest. For any new modules or modules that are changed, 
or modules that people want to change this for:

make a new Description in the language of the module
rename the old conf field to Description_en
make sure both descriptions mean the same thing ;)

This mechanism allows descriptions to be made in other languages if 
people really want e.g. Description_de

The Description_en is probably necessary as I guess not all frontends 
would be able to handle unicode descriptions.

It is not a priority to change old modules but I think it would be a 
good policy for new modules.

Another thing that would be useful is an About_en (at least from my 
point of view trying to understand the copyright details of modules).


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