[sword-devel] Problem with imp2ld.exe

Pham, Khoi Khoi.Pham at shawgrp.com
Fri Mar 18 10:02:46 MST 2005

Thank you

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> Config file pointed to the right directory.  However, imp2ld.exe
> the file in the same directory where you run the command.  Here is the
> text file test.txt I created for testing imp2ld.
> In Dos prompt, I ran: imp2ld test.txt Strongs.  I got the following
> response on the screen:

If you just run "imp2ld" it prints out the options:
   imp2ld <filename> [modname] [ 4 (default) | 2 | z - module driver]

Have you tried to run  
 imp2ld test.txt Strongs 2
or to adjust the ModDrv option if you use the default (4) with imp2ld:

<>< Re: deemed!

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