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Pham, Khoi Khoi.Pham at shawgrp.com
Thu Mar 10 13:42:37 MST 2005

I used VC6 and tried to compile what you have to see if I can create the
program.  I am pretty new in VC and try to learn as much as I can.  Do
you have any Diatheke that you can compile.  I tried to compile the
library and Diatheke in sword-1.57a, but also got missing file message.
Where is the "test/samples" subdirectory?

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Hi Paul,

You are looking at some pretty dated code that may well be obsolete.
Mea culpa.

What are you trying to do? What is your development environment? VC6?
I could try to "refresh" the code if that would be helpful.

One of the intentions of "MiniDiatheke" and "MicroDiatheke" was to
simplify newbies getting "up to speed" with the extremely
comprehensive sword-api. It might serve as "training wheels" to get

Since that code was 'published', I believe the "test/samples"
subdirectory has been expanded with more examples that are "baby
steps" to understand and use the sword-api. Have you looked at those?

For His glory and honor,

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> Lynn Allan
> I tried to extract your SwordMiniDiathekeWithoutModules.zip into a
> directory and build diatheke.exe I got the following message:
> Compiling...
> diatheke.cpp
> 89) : error C2039: 'getMaxChapterInBook' : is not a member of
>         c:\swordminidiatheke\include\versekey.h(55) : see
declaration of
> 'VerseKey'
> 91) : error C2039: 'getMaxVerseInChap' : is not a member of
>         c:\swordminidiatheke\include\versekey.h(55) : see
declaration of
> 'VerseKey'
> Error executing cl.exe.
> diatheke.exe - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s)
> What is missing?
> Paul Pham
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> I wasn't able to get lookup.cpp to compile/link. Sorry.
> There are two complete vc6 projects available that may help with
> "learning curve" to get up-to-speed with the sword-api. These are
> "training wheels" simplifications of diatheke. You may find them
> helpful to be able to build a subset of the sword-api, and then be
> able to use the vc6 debugger to step into code and see how it works.
> It is especially applicable to see how "versification" is done to
> convert a reference like John 3:16 into a file offset and length.
> uncompressed example is less complex than the compressed example.
> www.bibleinverse.org/Misc/SwordMiniDiathekeWithModules.zip
> www.bibleinverse.org/Misc/SwordMiniDiathekeWithoutModules.zip
> SwordMiniDiathekeWithModules.zip can be unzipped anywhere. It is
> "self-contained" with the uncompressed and compressed modules. The
> libswordvc6.lib and libswordvc6d.lib have been built.
> SwordMiniDiathekeWithoutModules.zip needs to be unzipped in the same
> directory structure as Sword. It assumes a "standard development
> directory layout", such as:
> X:\SwordDir
> X:\SwordDir\apps
> X:\SwordDir\apps\console
> X:\SwordDir\include
> X:\SwordDir\lib
> X:\SwordDir\mods.d
> X:\SwordDir\modules
> X:\SwordDir\modules\texts
> X:\SwordDir\modules\texts\rawtext
> X:\SwordDir\modules\texts\ztext
> X:\SwordDir\src
> Some notes/caveats:
> * The source files are from 1.5.6 and may not be completely current.
> * These aren't for Borland C++, but rather for Visual C++ 6
> HTH. Let me know if you have questions.
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