[sword-devel] Building Myanmar modules

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Sun Jul 3 06:33:02 MST 2005


> I have the text in OSIS, one file per bible book. I've tried using osis2mod
> (from sword 1.5.7) to generate module files, but the resulting nt/ot files
> only contain book divs and the chapter titles, no verses, though the text
> is there. They also do not have any closing </chapter> or </div>s. I don't
> know what the .vss files should look like, but they appear to be almost
> entirely binary zero except for the occasional byte. Please can someone
> tell me what I'm doing wrong? What should an OSIS based module file look
> like? I suspect that osis2mod only supports a subset of OSIS, but where is
> this subset documented? From the source it looks like <verse
> sID="..."/><verse eID="..."/> tags are not supported, so I wrote an XSLT to
> convert it into just <verse osisID="..."></verse> format and stripped out
> the <p> elements.

You're right, osis2mod doesn't support all kinds of OSIS markup.

The tools in Sword 1.5.8 contain some fixes in the utils. Did you try those 
Can you post a snippet of the OSIS XML here so we can see if we can spot 

> I am also confused as to what I should put in the conf file. At the moment
> I'm using the following, but it doesn't seem to work. (Well, Gnomesword2
> asserts `html != NULL' failed and then seg faults. Perhaps this is because
> of the errors above. None of the other clients is capable of rendering
> Myanmar Unicode, so I haven't tried them.)

Is it possible to get a snipped of the module to test it in BibleTime? I'm a 
BibleTime developer and would like to test it before we do a new release. You 
can send it to my private eMail if you like.

The page
lists the entries which may go into a .conf file.

> [Judson]
> DataPath=./modules/rawtext/judson/
> ModDrv=RawText
> Encoding=UTF-8
> BlockType=Book
> SourceType=OSIS
> Lang=my
> Description=Burmese Judson Bible
> About=This is still under development.
> DistributionLicense=Public Domain
> TextSource=www.myanmarbible.com
> Font=Padauk

BlockType is normally used with ModDrv=zText but I guess you're using RawText, 
so it doesn't matter.
I can't spot a serious problem, though.

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