[sword-devel] Building Myanmar modules

tech at myanmarbible.com tech at myanmarbible.com
Fri Jul 1 02:33:53 MST 2005

I would appreciate some help in using osis2mod.

I am trying to convert the Burmese/Myanmar Judson bible into a sword module. I
have the text in OSIS version 2 format. At least it validates against that
schema, and seems to follow it according to the documentation.

I have the text in OSIS, one file per bible book. I've tried using osis2mod (from
sword 1.5.7) to generate module files, but the resulting nt/ot files only contain
book divs and the chapter titles, no verses, though the text is there. They also
do not have any closing </chapter> or </div>s. I don't know what the .vss files
should look like, but they appear to be almost entirely binary zero except for
the occasional byte. Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? What should
an OSIS based module file look like? I suspect that osis2mod only supports a
subset of OSIS, but where is this subset documented? From the source it looks
like <verse sID="..."/><verse eID="..."/> tags are not supported, so I wrote an
XSLT to convert it into just <verse osisID="..."></verse> format and stripped out
the <p> elements.

I am also confused as to what I should put in the conf file. At the moment I'm
using the following, but it doesn't seem to work. (Well, Gnomesword2 asserts
`html != NULL' failed and then seg faults. Perhaps this is because of the errors
above. None of the other clients is capable of rendering Myanmar Unicode, so I
haven't tried them.) 

Description=Burmese Judson Bible
About=This is still under development.
DistributionLicense=Public Domain


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